"Never send a suit to do a pirate's job."

-Steve Jobs

I've been designing for a while. In High School ('01-'05), I went to a Vocational school, where I got to learn Design every other week for four years. This was back before the Creative Cloud - heck, it was before Adobe Creative Suite even went by that name. But the fundamentals of color, typography, and layout never really change, and I got those early.


I live with my beautiful wife who I love dearly and three rescue hounds - two of which are Treeing Walker Coonhounds, the King of the Hound group. Dog rescue is an unrelenting passion for both myself and my wife. I'm a champion of accessible interfaces, atomic design, quick deployments, and a collector of Sketch plugins. I love football and am a die-hard supporter of the five time World Champion New England Patriots and the Texas Tech Red Raiders. I am a proponent of the big nickel defense and the West Coast offense. Dungeons and Dragons is a big hobby of mine; I prefer to Dungeon Master campaigns and have written a lengthy homebrew world based in a dystopian fantasy version of Las Vegas. I like mid-century modern architecture, tiki drinks, Boston hardcore punk music, Texas Hill Country barbecue, and Chicago Deep Dish pizza. I have strong opinions on just about everything, but above all else: I love to listen and learn.


As of right now (March '17) I am currently in the midst of several long term goals: Lose 60 lbs, learn basic japanese, master the fundamentals of vanilla javascript, and read 50 books this year. In the first three months of the year I've made significant strides toward all of these goals, and feel like I'm largely on track. I am always interested in talking to people who have shared experiences on these or similar topics.

Get in touch

For recent shots of my work, see my Dribbble. For the occasional code sample (I have more I can share), see my github. If you'd like to connect professionally, I'm on LinkedIn and AngelList. If you want to shoot me an email directly, click here for a mailto link.