Mark Cuban Companies

Role: Web Design/Development

Oct '12 - May '14

Employment Summary

From Oct 2012 to May 2014 I served in what remains the most interesting and diverse role in my career to date. I worked on a small team of about five people, working on behalf of Mark Cuban, largely focused on his investments from the hit show Shark Tank.

Branding / Homepage

One of the coolest contributions I got to make to MCC was the official branding and website of Mark's team. Mark was hands off with everything, as long as I adhered to a general set of instructions for direction. I'm thrilled to say that the branding and website still retain most of what we worked on to this day.

Shark Tank

Much of what I worked on for Shark Tank was protected by NDA as it involved the inner workings of MCC as well as ABC's intellectual property for the show. I was fortunate to work with a lot of great people and companies, including building Shopify websites for Simple Sugars, The Game Face Company, Wordpress sites for Villy Customs, Alyssa's Bakery, and a bunch more.

Most of what we did was build and optimize for sales. A lot of these companies were small and super product focused in a retail setting, and didn't have tech resources available. Mark would dispatch us on a by-need basis to help them as the deals got made.


One non Shark Tank project I worked on leading the rebuild of the AXStv website with my manager. The two of us put our minds together and spun up a website that would be friendly for all of their staff to keep updated with the rapidly changing schedule of the channel.

AXStv website


It was an incredible fortune to be able to start my career working for such a notable public figure as well as a kind person. Working at MCC changed my life for the better and gave me incredible insight into the business side of startup land. I like to think that even though I was in a tech role, I basically got a degree in business while I was there. That's just the nature of working for someone like Mark.