Role: Product Designer

May '14 - May '15

Employment Summary

From May 2014 to May 2015, I served as the first UI/UX hire at Munzee Inc, and the only Product Designer on staff for the duration of my tenure there.

Munzee is a unique gaming company that provides products based around scavenger hunting and puzzle solving. It’s a fun mix of technology and real-world/outdoor activity that has a gigantic worldwide following who are die-hard “Munzers” that love to go out and find Munzee QR Codes in the wild, scanning ferverently for achivements and points.

In my time at Munzee Inc, I designed three apps for iOS and Android: Eventzee, Zee, and a re-design of the flagship app, Munzee.


My first project at Munzee was to design a new product offering from scratch with our iOS and Android developers. It was a fun exercise in working within the constraints of the iOS and Android design guidelines (this was pre-Material Design), but also trying to be creative where possible.

The idea: an individual user or organization could host a scavenger hunt through the app. Load their clues into an admin panel, review and accept the hunters’ submissions on said admin pannel, and let everyone compete in real-time with the UI dictating the score. Tons of fun.

Eventzee overlooking downtown McKinney, TX.


Another mobile offering I designed for Munzee Inc was Zee, a Munzee companion app. Put simply, the Munzee game is focused on real time scoring, and their users score a LOT. It is common for the average user to spend a day a week or more out in the wild (literally) hunting for QR codes and scanning for points and badges. Points are scored in the timeframe of Munzee HQ’s Texas Central time, so the leaderboards per day make that time frame relevant when Munzee users are all over the world.

Circumstances dictated that this app was to be built with the Ionic hybrid app framework, so my intention was to design it as visual-framework-agnostic as possible.

Production screenshots, Zee for iOS

Munzee Re-Designed

The original Munzee app had a lot of UX problems. In spite of that, it had a big following. Our users were fanatics about the app, and had high expectations whenever we rolled out something new. By the time I had a few projects and a lot of time hanging out with users under my belt, I finally felt ready to give the company’s flagship offering, Munzee a ground-up overhaul.


After (Production)

While my prototype didn’t get built until after I had already left for Las Vegas, I think that the Munzee app improved greatly due to the work we put in. This was my first experience working for a very established group of users who had strong opinions on what the app should or shouldn’t be like. Overall it was a terrific challenge, a lot of fun, and I met some friends for life along the way.


My time at Munzee was super fast paced. Even putting aside the apps I mentioned above, we were basically always churning out something. Whether it was countdown boards for live tournaments we held at our headquarters, functional flash sale marketing pages for Cyber Monday, or new in-game graphics, I was never not busy. At Munzee, I truly learned what it was like to "balance mulitple projects" in a professional setting, and that skill has paid dividends since.